GURU aim to bring education to the next level with the advanced technology, to cater the personalised requirements of any student with the creative and intuitive ways of teaching. To bring all the educational services under one platform.

Why GURU services are the best:

  1. At least 2 logical tutors as per their forte complimenting the law of division of labour and specialisation
  2. Technology is put to use to train the brain
  3. A supervisor called “GURU” over every 10 tutors to ensure tutor’s grading
  4. Choosing/Replacing your tutor is just a call away with Guru
  5. We kit  out your ward with summary notes and online videos
  6. To tame the waves of your ward monthly free counselling sessions by the supervisor i.e. Guru
  7. Attendance app and a sheet shared with the parents to track the number of tuition hours
  8. Daily feedback of the student learnings and home work for the student practice to get a command in the subject
  9. Weekly online test for developing the familiarity with the formal exams, which helps the student beforehand how to optimise the time and articulate the content in the exams
  10. GURU provides high quality tutors by the various filtration process for the tutor registration
  11. 2 or more tutors by their forte to 1 student
  12. Detailed analysis of the performance and relevant suggestion based on the areas or concepts the student have to invest the time and concentrate to achieve a better result in terms of academic understanding
We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
Guru - Best Home Tuition
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We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
Guru - Best Home Tuition