An English course is essentially a course whose main objective is to improve the student’s language skills and self-confidence when speaking English, thereby improving his / her ability to communicate effectively in English.

The development of speaking skills has many facets. A good English course must have a specific English course covering all these facets. active development of vocabulary and grammar, pronunciation, intonation, filming, gambits conversation and many others. The English course should aim to maximize students’ conversation time through group and couple work. This reinforcement of trust through practice is absolutely essential if language skills are developed in another language.

The ability of the teacher is essential to the success of an English course. Stimulating and lively lessons that engage the student are an essential way to improve their fluency and expressiveness. GURU spoken English academy is the best place to learn by the creative ways of engaging the student and to actively involve them in class discussions and group discussions.


Standard course – This popular full-day course in the morning includes a considerable amount of English-speaking practice. Much of the spoken language refers to the language points (grammar, vocabulary) that the teacher teaches you according to your level of English. For example, a B1 student (intermediate) learns grammar and vocabulary that gives him the opportunity to speak

• Solve the most common situations when traveling


• Express and respond to a range of emotions


• agree with others and disagree


• express personal beliefs, views and opinions


Intensive course – The intensive English course combines the standard English course in the morning with an afternoon class to develop self-confidence and fluency in English. Popular afternoon activities include projects where students have to work together. Here are some typical popular projects:


• Present a group based on research


• Make a mini-movie about an aspect of London life


• Creation of an online newsletter on life at school


• Interviewing members of the public as part of a market study

Business English – The business English mini-group takes place in the morning and speaks a lot, with a focus on business English communication. This means that students gain their confidence in English, their accuracy and their mastery in mastering a variety of job skills such as


• Speak effectively and clearly on the phone


• Attend meetings and discuss business issues


• Present facts, figures and trends to employees


• convince in English and be able to negotiate effectively

We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
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We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
Guru - Best Home Tuition