• Landscape photography – Type of photography with large areas, large countries or the world. These images are supposed to represent the large scale of nature (and sometimes huge amounts of artificial elements).
  • Fashion – Type of photography with fashion and clothing, often with professional female models. The entire industry is dedicated to fashion, including fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue or Vanity Fair.
  • Fine art – A photograph rooted in the artistic or subjective vision of a photographer, as opposed to representation photography (for example, photojournalism) that takes into account an unchanged reality
  • Portraiture – A photo that describes the mood, personality, and expression of a person or group of people. The focus is usually on the face, although sometimes a half body or the whole body is zoomed in closer.


  • Wedding – Wedding photographers use a variety of photo styles to provide a wedding blanket. To fully cover his wedding, the photographer must have macro photography, portraiture, photojournalism, art, fashion, landscape and action / sports.
  • Macro – Type of photography showing extreme close-ups of small objects. In this way, the grounds can be much larger than the size of the life.
  • Photojournalism – A photo that documents an event or story as it unfolds. The photographer must be true to reality, be honest and impartial while telling the story.
  • Architectural – Photography that describes the feeling of being in a built environment. It is a question of describing buildings and structures aesthetically attractive.
  • Black & white – Photography with black and white images, ie shades of gray, seduced by the monochromatic character of the style.
  • Wildlife – Type of photography that documents animals in their natural habitat. It is often very difficult to photograph animals, because a photographer must not only be at the forefront of his technical skills, but also be closer to the animals without being discovered.
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