Basic course in developmental psychology

An introductory course in developmental psychology is usually completed in the early stages of a psychology degree. It gives students an overview of the various stages of human development, from early childhood to adulthood. Topics include factors that can influence personality development, such as: Family, culture and the environment.

Introductory course in the personality

This introductory course is usually part of a basic psychology course. Classes focus on the most important theories of personality development. The lectures also compare typical personalities with individuals with neurotic features such as anxiety, depression and obsessive anxiety.

Course for child development

Human development courses are included in the bachelor’s and master’s programs. They focus on the child’s personality development as it progresses from early childhood to early childhood. Topics include temperament, learning ability, family ties, language and peer-group relationships. The courses usually include a research component based on experiments and observations.

Adolescent Psychology course

In this course, the progressive development of the personality of the adolescents is examined in detail. Topics include peer relationships, gender identity, management of depression and aggression, puberty, and transition to adulthood. This course is often offered in master’s programs in psychology, but can also be found in some undergraduate programs.

Advanced Personality Course

An advanced personality development course examines the relationships between personality and socialization in an early and later stage of life. It is usually offered in Master’s or PhD programs. Often a research component is needed, although classes are also taught through seminars on specific topics that deal with both modern and traditional models of personality theory.

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We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
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