Human Resource Management


Level : Level 1 

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks


level : Level 2

Duration: 6 to 12 weeks


Level: 3

Duration: 6 months

The Certified Human Resource Management Professional certificate helps you be the transformational HR professional organization aspire to have. It is a testimony to your knowledge, skill & competence in the Human Resource domain


For graduate fresher

  • Complete Overview: GURU gives you a quick and thorough overview of various HR Functions
  • Real-world Skills: GURU prides itself in absolute practical skills being imparted – you
  • getGreat Start: GURU is the best way to start your career in HR – you begin your career with thorough grounding in concepts, including real world exposure to IT in HR a peek into the real world

Career change to HR 

  • Crash Course: GURU Certification would help you get quickly acquainted with various aspects of HR
  • Functional Skills: When you pick up a book on HR or aspire for a degree, you enter a world of theory and concepts. GURU  provides you with an excellent conceptual
  • framework but is grounded in real world functional skills which allow you to hit the ground running
  • Updated Knowledge: You have access to the latest cutting edge skills in the dynamic world of HR.
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