The life of a student…The alarm went off, time to wake and finish up the assignments, now rush. Cram the notes, and pass with good marks.

Where the student doesn’t even understand about what is happening in their life with the academics. They feel as if they are going on in a race without a base or foundation or purpose of learning.

Too often we give children answers to remember rather than the problems to solve.

The academic programmes in GURU Home Tuition at Raipur,Bhilai & Durg have been designed to enrich the students with holistic preparation so that we can assure their success and evaluate their performance continuously. These programs help students in sharpening their skills and developing strong basics to such an extent that they get benefitted throughout their lives.

GURU Home Tutors

GURU ,an education hub, is being run successfully since for last 7 year in the state of Chhattisgarh, India with a family of 1500 members and still counting.

We aim at being a strong support system for students, with the policy; the more you connect, the more we innovate.

GURU Home Tuition : A Ethical Education hub by NITian and IITian alumni/teachers: Enhancing the understanding towards the subjects and nurturing the student’s thinking ability.


If you have a question, we have an answer. If you need something, we’ll help you.

                                                                            –        GURU

We at GURU Home Tuition bring learning to the student’s doorstep, which is tailored to their needs and busy schedule. Our highly selected, experienced and qualified tutors provide one-to-one, private tuition in the comfort of student’s home, school or office.

Every student learns at a different pace and in different way. We believe every student needs the attention and time to reach at their full potential and perform well in the life.

Us together can make a student life easy by giving them individual attention and time to learn and become strong with the basics of the concepts.

GURU Home Tuition : Today’s interpretation of timeless wisdom designed to nurture the young spirit.

What makes GURU Home Tuition at Raipur, Bhilai & Durg different?

1. less than 2 logical tutors as per their forte subjects.

2. Students learn better when concepts are taught visually. Our pedagogy has video lectures at the core enabling students to watch and understand the concepts.

3. Technology is put to use to train the brain

4. Practice is the best of all instructors. At GURU we know that for a child to understand concept completely he needs to practice questions related to that topic.

5. Unlimited practice questions & tests with deep analysis.

6  Choosing/replacing a tutor is just a call away.

7. Each one has a different learning pace. GURU use adaptive paths to serve each student are learning needs. 

8. We kit out notes, summary, and online videos.

9. GURU Home Tuition comes with various convenient, portable learning options — many of which are study-at-your-own-pace. 

We enable pupils to ask targeted questions, get answers from professionals and enthusiast peers to improve what they already know about a topic

We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
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We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
Guru - Best Home Tuition