Group discussion

Hiring is not an easy process. To recruit an appropriate candidate, recruiters can perform several rounds to assess the capabilities of that person, so that the company has enough confidence to choose the appropriate candidate for the vacancy. Group discussions are part of the hiring process.

Group Discussion – It is a conversation in which more than one person expresses his opinions and thoughts on a particular topic or subject. This is a verbal presentation of a specific topic by the participants. Group discussions can also be described as a method of testing your communication and persuasion skills. Your opinion must be heard by the other members of this group. A group discussion may or may not have a final point, but you need to make sure that your ideas, thoughts and views are at least recognised by the other participants.

Mock group discussion on the specific chosen topics, which provides a holistic learning and provide you with the guidance for the basic points you have to concentrate on to get the attention of the evaluators.

GURU provides you with all the support required and the material to prepare for the most probable topics of discussion.

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