1. Water colors – In watercolor classes, the students learn how to paint with watercolors. The watercolor painting is based on a technique that differs from other art forms. For example, the brush technique taught to students in watercolor lessons is not for oil painting. These lessons also teach the students how to blend the colors together. This is another watercolor technique. Students signing up for introductory watercolor classes can expect to paint landscapes and aquatic landscapes. Advanced students could take courses in which they learn how to mix media with charcoal and crayons.
  2. Oil painting – Oil painting requires a class of its own because the technique is specific. If you attend oil painting classes, you will learn how to dry the brushes, dilute the oils with water, get the desired composition and superimpose it. A small three-dimensional element is present in oil paints because you can produce grooves, bumps, notches and tilts in the image with special tools.
  3. Sculpting – Sculpture courses are offered on various media, including clay, stone and wood. Sculpture lessons emphasise the importance of form, lines and movement, elements that the sculptor must integrate into his works. Sculpture lessons teach artists various tools to model, including hands, scissors and knives.
  4. Art history – Many artists visit art history courses to learn the theory or philosophy behind the famous techniques and artists they master. It is useful for artists to visit art stories, as well as for people looking for a career as an art dealer, museum curator, art educator or art lover. art. In art history courses, instructors explain to students how art was born and how different theories have evolved over time. Many art history courses focus on specific epochs or geographical regions of the world. For example, some courses may refer to Renaissance art, while others focus on Roman art.
  5. Drawing for Beginners coaching – Beginners can now start professional classes at GURU.
  6. Drawing Classes Online – Easy, step wise learning of the drawing techniques from any where.
  7. Drawing Classes for Kids – With the Intuitive and the creative ways of teaching the experts will make the learning process easy and simple for the kids.
  8. Drawing Classes for Adults – Professional training and efficient learning within the stipulated time in the busy world to accomplish their dreams.
  9. Portrait Drawing Classes – A portrait is a painting, a photograph, a sculpture or another artistic representation of a person in which the face and its expression predominate. The intention is to show the similarity, personality and even mood of the person.
  10. Cartoon Drawing Classes – A cartoon is a life-sized drawing made on solid paper as a study or model for a painting, stained glass or tapestry. The most colourful tapestry drawings were followed by the weavers on the loom with the eyes.
  11. Anime Drawing Classes – The result of the anime drawing image is a hand drawing and computer animation from Japan or Japan. The culturally abstract approach to the meaning of the word can open the possibility of animations produced in countries other than Japan.

We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
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We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
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