Digital Graphic Design

Students with an artistic flair are recommended to have a Certificate in graphic design course which blends the principles of art and design with relevant design applications and practices. Specializing in this field enables students to pursue a variety of career options.

The certificate course in graphic design at GURU is a designed process of opening up an individual’s mind towards creating effective works of visual design.

This is a crucial part of a larger field known as communication design. A graphic designer uses a combination of typography, images, drawings, colors, photographs and page layout techniques to produce great ‘visual communication’.

Graphic Design Master Plus

It is a highly-advanced course for individuals who are really interested in making their career in creative and user interface and user experience design industry. This course will comprise the high-end UI designing and UX planning for print, web, and television.

Graphic Premium

This course is recommended for both novice & professionals. Individuals will learn how to implement skills, tools, and processes to produce visual communication through creative images for print and digital media.

Graphic Standard

It is a short-term certificate course where students will work on various design applications. It is recommended for beginners who wants to make a career in Graphic Design industry.

Graphic Design Master

It is the advanced diploma course which comprises of all important aspects and skills required at advanced level in print media.

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