1. Ballet –  Ballet is considered the backbone of various dance forms. It is an interesting dance form. The person who plays the ballet looks very elegant in all postures.Ballet techniques were developed many years ago. To become a perfect ballet dancer, you need to be extremely disciplined and educated, with dedication and hard work. It takes appropriate dedication to glide effortlessly onto the stage. All ballet dancers share the love of beauty, grace and succession. This type of dance style can be learned by both men and women.

  2. Bharatnatyam – Bharatnatyam is a form of Indian classical dance, which originated in India. This form of dance was first seen in the temples of Tamil Nadu, a state of India. It is a form of dance practiced by men and women. He is known to all for the tenderness of his graceful expressions and the beauty of the dance steps. The dancers wear anklets made of many copper bells. The dancers must excel in the art of perfectly ringing the bells in their anklets and having control over them. Bharatnatyam is one of the most famous dance styles in India.

  3. Kathak – In Indian dance, Kathak is a dance native to northern India. Among the many dance names, Kathak is a beautiful art form. The nomadic bards of ancient North India are known to lay the foundations for this dance form. They became known as storytellers or Kathakaren. The performers usually wear the famous Lehenga Choli costume while dancing. Even the copper bells used in Bharatnatyam are used in this dance form.

  4. Break dance – Breakdance, also called street dance, was founded by Puerto Rican and African-American teenagers. This form of dance includes four main movements: power movements, down rock, stock stock and freezing. It’s a modern dance that involves abstract body parts that may not transmit anything. It is usually practiced by young people.

  5. Lion dance – Lion Dance is the traditional dance form of Chinese culture. In this dance form, the performers wear lion costumes and imitate the movements and styles of a lion. This kind of dance is amazing to look at and quite different from another dance form because you usually can not see the person behind the costume in that form.

  6. Tap dance – In this form of dance, the shoes must be typed on the wooden floor. The shoes consist of a metal sole at the heel and the tip, which facilitates the strike. The two famous Tapptanzarten are Broadway Tap and Rhythmic Tap. The clappers are also in the style of cappella, where the performers must play the music produced by the stroke.

  7. Salsa – Access to an autonomous dance department is only part of the project and entry into the moons. Salsa was created in New York influences the influence of Latin America. The main dancers use the arms to communicate with the followers. For further information. Further information on the types of locomotion of the body, the know the hips, the body and the legs. The upper body remains on its level. Salsa can be performed in a variety of styles, such as the footsteps, the movements of the body, the synchronisation, the body jets, the influence of the dance, the influence of the dance, the posture and face of the party not participating dance fans.

  8. Belly dance – One of the unique forms of dance is belly dancing and one of the styles of modern dance. It is characterised by sharp and rolling movements of the abdomen and hips. This dance form includes various types of dance moves, depending on the region and the country in which they are performed. The movements of the hips and the torso communicate maximum. Shakira, the famous Latin American superstar, was the one who made this shape popular in the 2000s.

  9. Disco dance – Disco Dance is a kind of dance style that refers to the early ’70s. It started with the urban nightlife of the United States, where it was limited to house parties. From that moment, he regularly performs in the general public and is gaining popularity. Its popularity was reached between the mid-1970s and the early 1980s

  10. Folk dance – Folk dancing is a typical form of dance that is common in rural areas. He talks about folklore or the difficult situation of the village. It is a traditional dance that belongs to a group of people or a community. The costumes are interesting and usually represent the costume of the community.

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