Career counselling

Career counselling is a process whereby the other person can learn to understand each other and work trends in order to make an informed career and educational decision. Vocational guidance helps to address a variety of issues, such as lack of focus, poor time management, family trust issues, or parent-to-child mismatch for a career.

Counselling consultants are experts in psychology, i.e they must have at least a postgraduate degree in psychology / applied psychology and / or a degree in counselling psychology. Advisory consultants who advise in a specific area such as engineering, management, hospitality, etc. should be experts in the field.

A good career counsellor is a problem solver, a listener, and a wise observer and has sufficient skills in various areas to help you make career decisions.

The ideal time for students to seek career counselling is age 13 to 17 (grade 12 to 12 standard). It is a time when many changes occur in their lives, both physical and emotional, such as the transition from school to college and the attempt to “get together” with like-minded people. It’s also a time when career decisions are made. That’s why they need someone experienced to guide them in the right direction at this point.

Most of our parents are actively involved in career development. In fact, at least 51% of the priority of Indian parents are having a concern about the financial success of their child. We can safely assume that our parents have a hands-on approach to making career decisions for us.Sometimes it works and often not. We can attribute this to the fact that each child is unique and that it is extremely difficult for parents or teachers to always recognise their strengths or weaknesses and their passion or aversion. professional is necessary.

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