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Every student learns at a different pace. Given proper attention and time to each student they will be able to build strong basics and easily comprehend the complex knowledge. We at GURU want to pay attention on each student and facilitate their learning process by the inclusion of advance technology and innovation in the process of learning, to customize the needs of each student and provide them with the relevant suggestion to invest their time to learn effectively. GURU concentrate on the root cause of any problem and provide them with the best solution.


(Story)GURU started with the aim of making learning easy and providing the service at the door step for the student convenience 



Vision – We aim to bring education to the next level with the advanced technology, to cater the personalized requirements of any student with the creative and intuitive ways of teaching. To bring all the educational services under one platform – GURU.


Mission – To Pay attention on each and every student and make them learn at their own pace and in their own way. Student success in their life is our success at GURU.

One-to-one learning provided to the students to facilitate the learning process by a tutor from GURU.






1)My son used to be a bit conservative and introvert, it wasn’t easy for him to start a conversation with any new people around him, but now he initiates the conversation and really doing good in academics with the help of GURU services.


2)It wasn’t easy for me to understand every concept in the classroom. I availed the services of GURU, where I discuss the concepts and various ways of approaching to a problem with the experienced tutor and get guidance from them helped me to look things in a different way in academics as well as in my day to day chores. 

I am really thankful for the services provided by GURU at our convenience.


3)I always feel that am not as good as every other student in my class. My parents hired a tutor from GURU services, the tutor acted as a mentor for me and believed in me, that I have the potential and encouraged me in every possible way and now I have developed a confidence in me which really helped me to find my capabilities and my strengths.

I am really thankful for the attention they paid on me and the way they facilitated my learning process.


4)My daughter is intelligent and very active in all activities but we couldn’t able to see the performance in the academic records, we hired a tutor from GURU they really helped her

with their intuitive and creative ways of teaching and the weekly tests made her very familiar with the normal test she used to give in his school, which made it easier for her. Now she is performing really good in her academics.

we thank GURU for making this possible. It’s really a great initiative. 


5)I really don’t understand what we have been taught and why are we reading those particular concepts but still I score descent grades without strong basic knowledge. We hired a tutor from GURU, the tutor really helped me with the questions like what, how and why we are discussing the particular concept and how that will be applied in the future and gave the essence of practicality apart from the theory knowledge which really helped me understand the concepts and made me very strong with the basics of the concept.





1)I was really delighted by the service provided which are very helpful for my children to achieve their goals


2)Customized service which provided me with proper analysis of what actually I need and where to utilize my time for a better learning 


3)Very convenient service and friendly tutors, helped me as a mentor in every step – Thanks GURU


4) solution basics are strong and I don’t find much difficulty to comprehend huge volumes of syllabus

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We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
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We pride ourselves on providing the right GURU.
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